Green Apple featured on Best Startup Canada!

Green Apple Gives is an omnichannel fundraising platform that helps nonprofits and other community organizations modernize and digitize their fundraising programs by adding recurring revenue from cashback rewards and spare change roundups created by their stakeholders’ everyday spending.

Green Apple Gives is a digital-first solution that plugs into existing consumer behaviours and provides a platform that allows nonprofits and their stakeholders to tap into their existing networks to build a hyper-local cashback rewards marketplace in their community.

Green Apple Gives’ mission is to make the world a better place and we’re doing that by helping organizations that fundraise. If an organization needs to fundraise as either a primary or secondary part of their day to day operations then they must by definition be making the world a better place!

Read the full article to find out what our magic sauce and vision for the future is!

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tHE FUTURE OF digital fundrasing

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