Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Green Apple is a simple to use fundraising platform where organizations receive cashless donations through transaction rounding and monthly contributions. The goal of Green Apple is to be a integrated platform that allows users to send automated and recurring donations to organizations they care about.

Green Apple works by activating stakeholders’ donations for organizations. Our platform works by tracking stakeholder spending everywhere they shop with a debit or credit card, rounding up the transactions and donating the spare change to the organization of choice. Organizations can also earn cashback rewards from stakeholder spending at participating retail partners.

No. There are no setup, monthly, or annual fees for either the user or the organization. Green Apple charges transaction fees and has revenue sharing agreements with organizations and only gets paid if the organization gets paid.

Yes! Green Apple uses bank level encryption security. Our platform ensures that all transactions are secure and all banking information is safe.

Green Apple is for organizations such as nonprofit groups, charitable foundations, or community groups that rely on funding from their stakeholders.

If you are an organization, please contact us and we will be happy to launch your account. If you are looking to donate, check your email to see if you have been invited by an organization or register your account directly and connect it to the organization you support.

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