Verge Capital Success Story – Where is Green Apple Today?

It has been over six months since Canada first entered into lockdown. Though restrictions are loosening, the coronavirus still exists and has affected countless small businesses across various industries. Covid-19 has accelerated the pace that nonprofits must adopt innovative ideas and technology. Social distancing and lockdown have made traditional fundraising nearly impossible. These are the circumstances in which Green Apple created a technology-enabled fundraising solution for nonprofits.

Green Apple is a digital fundraising platform that helps organizations like charities, teams, and churches generate steady recurring revenue. Through their app, it’s seamless for stakeholders to contribute through their normal everyday spending.

The app will allow donors to donate to their charity of choice in three ways: transactional rounding, affinity commissions, and direct donations. Stakeholders only need to sign up once and never have to do anything after that to keep supporting the organizations they care about. It’s as easy as Set-it and Forget-it!

Founded in 2018 by Christopher Tufford, the business impressed Verge Capital, their first institutional investor. In December, 2019, Green Apple successfully obtained a $100,000 loan from Venture Capital through their Startup Fund.

Thanks to Verge Capital, a program of Pillar Nonprofit Network, Green Apple will be launching in November 2020. They have also been able to release their white paper titled Bridging Nonprofits and Technology, which aims to guide nonprofits through the pandemic in anticipation of the launch. Verge Capital’s continued support and mentorship have been fundamental to Green Apple’s success.

Green Apple has come full circle by creating a fundraising platform that will help other nonprofits overcome the fundraising challenges they’ve had to face. Green Apple will allow nonprofits to diversify their fundraising efforts by adopting a digital strategy to help them through the COVID pandemic’s fallout. According to the business, 2021’s turnover is expected to reach over a million dollars.

For details, click on the link about Verge Capital

For details, click on the link about Pillar Nonprofit Network

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