Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Green Apple is a simple to use fundraising platform where organizations receive cashless donations through cashback rewards, spare change roundups and direct monthly contributions.  Green Apple is a digitally integrated platform that allows donors to send automated and recurring donations to organizations they care about.

Green Apple works by automatically activating and processing donations for organizations on behalf of their donors.  The process is simple, first an organization invites their donors to create accounts on our platform through an invite email with a specialized link.  Next, donors link their credit cards to our system and choose their donation settings.  Lastly, Visa/Mastercard provide donor spending data from qualified purchases on linked cards so that Green Apple can calculate spare change from transaction rounding and commissions from cashback rewards at participating retail partners.  The funds are tabulated and sent to the organization of the donor’s choice.

No. There are no setup, monthly, or annual fees for the donor. Green Apple charges transaction fees to the organization and has revenue sharing agreements with organizations.  Donors are never charged any fees.

Yes! For donors that enroll with their credit card card, we use a PCI-complaint vault that tokenizes all your credit card details.  We never store your credit card information.

Green Apple is for organizations such as nonprofit groups, charitable foundations, or community groups that rely on funding from their donors.

A) If you are an Organization, please contact us and we will be happy to launch your account. 

B) If you are a Donor, check your email (also your spam/junk folder if missing from your inbox) to see if you have been invited by an organization or register your account directly and connect it to the organization you support.

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